Sunday, 17 April 2011

She was Destined To....

Flourished and grew from
Being shy and meek,
And branched out
To become a beautiful Leaf.

The various patterns,
The mesmeric semblance,
Her only adornments
Her youth so raw and fresh,
She was destined to beautify.....

She grew in sun and shade
Without any lament,
Swayed with the breeze,
Played with the birds,
She was destined to satisfy....

Amidst the heat and wind,
Through every thick and thin,
She sustained to endure
Till her ensuing moments,
She was destined to dry....

The wind tore her apart,
Her essence washed the rain,
Blown to a far off land,
Swept by the streams and sands,
She was destined to die.....